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This Dark Future Makes Her Wet: A Diatribe on The Occult

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I’m kicking off the first column of November with some sex magick for ya earz- a nike7up mix (his second to latest), so turn the volume up to the max and blast a mix that straight up murders it.

17 Nov 2010 | 4 comments | More

Salem – ‘King Night’

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King Night: One of the most hyped debut albums of 2010, a debut by a notorious triad of producers from the upper Midwest, shrouded in a veil of debauchery and the occult and almost drowning in buzz and controversy. Salem, by just releasing two limited edition EPs titled Yes I Smoke Crack and Water, created an entire new genre called “Drag.”

27 Sep 2010 | 3 comments | More

Reconsidering 311 – Why Their Unity Tour Matters

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Although it seems like just yesterday that “Down” and “All Mixed Up” were blowing up modern-rock radio, 311 (improbably) celebrated their 20th birthday on June 10th of this year. Back in 1990, 311 played their first show under that moniker…

22 Jun 2010 | 18 comments | More