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Charmed Life on Board the Peking Ship: The Village Voice 4Knots Festival 2013

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The day at the seaport was charmed. The Village Voice couldn’t have wished for a more opulent mix of breeze and sun than that bestowed on the afternoon of their 4Knots Festival 2013. Luckily, there were no freak emergencies such as the three-alarm Pier 17 fire of 2012 to interrupt a beat…

2 Jul 2013 | More

SXSW 2013 Saturday Night: Peace, White Lung and the Warlocks, 3.16.13

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It’s the third and last day of my stint at SXSW 2013, and I’m already feeling the effects of the heat, the lines, and the day-drinking. Today’s plan: head out early to one spot and stay there. So after quickly pondering some schedules, I decide on heading over to the Brooklyn Vegan event. I’m hoping to catch White Lung…

18 Mar 2013 | More

Prog Rock to a Certified Party Girl, It’s SXSW 2013, 3.15.13

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I start the day with a quick trip to the Fader Fort Presented by Converse. It’s just nearing brunch time, so no lines, no crowds. Once inside, the corporate messages surround me, but in a way that makes me check it out instead of turn me off. I make my way over to the stage, and settle to the front to check out the first band of the day, the 1975.

16 Mar 2013 | More

West Texas to Dust, Rock and Spaghetti Westerns: SXSW 2013, 3.14.13

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Here it is again, SXSW in Austin, Texas. This past week, I have spent some time getting to know Texas (and some Texans) quite well. I’ve never listened to more country music or worn cowboy boots as much as I have recently. So, with a solid background, I walked into this trip with a better idea of Texas’ live music Capitol.

15 Mar 2013 | More

There Was One Saturday Night of CMJ 2012, Too Good and all Unofficial, for Us, with Mykki Blanco and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

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We got into the unofficial Tumblr party with a mere flash of our CMJ badge, but hey, we thought this was an official CMJ event, so I guess it was the luck of self-confidence and a not-at-capacity room: have badge, will enter.

1 Nov 2012 | More

Punk it All Brooklyn on Saturday 10.20.12, for the Last Night of CMJ 2012, with Eula and Sleepies

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So goes the irony of a good punk rock show and not being able to cut through the joy of the thrash to actually make out a damn word being said, Connecticut art-school slapped trio Eula favored early Bleach gnar over some of their studio nuances at the Paper Box out in Bushwick on Saturday, the last night of CMJ 2012.

26 Oct 2012 | More

Electro Ladies MNDR and Icona Pop Incite Audiences to Dance, Whether Stuck Within Studio Walls or Beside Bowling Lanes: CMJ Friday, 10.19.12

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Winking her way through an interview with WNYC’s John Schaefer at’s Green Space showcase, MNDR, a.k.a Amanda Warner, was on point fielding questions about her debut LP Feed Me Diamonds, which dropped this past summer, narrating some horrid tieback tale about idyllic performance artist Marina Abramovic’s father supposedly getting murdered…

26 Oct 2012 | More

Panache Held Court with Von Haze, Tempers, Arca and More in the Moody Backroom of Public Assembly, CMJ 2012 Night 2

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NYC duo Tempers went on beguilingly early, before 9pm, to open the Panache Booking CMJ 2012 showcase in the moody back room of Public Assembly on Wednesday night with a sexy start. We hadn’t seen these minimal art-synth rockers since one of their first shows in a somewhat bizarre setting last spring…

21 Oct 2012 | 3 comments | More

Sub Pop’s Octrocktober at Knitting Factory: No Gents Here; Riff Rock Blasts at CMJ 2012, October 18, Night 3

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Like Metz’s relationship with noise, fellow Sub Pop virgin signees King Tuff are of the mustache-bred riff-rock ilk that will never go out of style. You know those assholes with their bowties and their 30′s-revolutions-with-a-metal-spoon faux gentlemen cocktail crap. No friends, three out of four of the members of King Tuff rolled onto the stage last night following their Canadian friends Metz…

20 Oct 2012 | More

Matthew E. White, Then Weekend Money Wins by Sheer Luck of Being a Surprise Next Door, Upon Leaving the Static Stereogum Showcase Line at CMJ Night 2

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Apparently everyone and their skinny-jeaned mother wanted to see Echo and the Bunnymen protégées IO Echo at Glasslands, including us, of course. 20-minutes later in a line that wouldn’t move to get into the damn place, we headed next door to a pop-up space showcasing burgeoning Brooklyn hip hop label Young One Records, where a duo dubbed Weekend Money tore up a laptronica-pronged assault on some young minds…

18 Oct 2012 | More