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Cats Park: Now Hear This

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St. Petersburg can either conjure up palm trees, expansive coasts and retirees, or if your mind itself is more expansive or steeped in history, you’ll think immediately of Russia’s second largest city, Saint Petersburg, that jewel of a place that lies on the River Neva, and is named after the czar who built it.

Cats Park, the duo from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has a sound that conjures some of the subtle magnificence of their home…

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New Myths: Now Hear This

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The three sultry, Brooklyn sirens known as New Myths–singer/guitarist Britney Boras, drummer Rosie Glassman and bassist Marina Ross–just formed the band this year, but it seems it was always in their collective cards, since two of the ladies met way back in grade school and they’ve all had music in their blood since they were girls.

11 Jun 2012 | More

The Araab Muzik Tracks You Should Hear

I had a roommate once who made beats for Lil Wayne or Nelly or both of them and he would …Read the Rest

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Christine Owman: Now Hear This

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The term “multi-instrumentalist” doesn’t really begin to describe the unconventional, über-talented Swedish singer/songwriter Christine Owman accurately. Owman is a one-woman show-stopper who takes on not merely a few, but almost twelve, instruments on her most recent album, Throwing Knives.

19 Jan 2012 | More

Monogold: Now Hear This

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Brooklyn’s Monogold brought their lush, ambient sound onto the scene in 2008 with their debut EP, We Animals, followed by a CMJ showcase, heralded as “one to see” by many. This led to immediate attention from the likes of Spin, who included their song “Feel Animal” among their year’s top ten. Not too shabby for a band just starting out.

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Listen to Balam Acab’s Video Games Remix

Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” Balam Acab Remix

16 Oct 2011 | More

Quill Quasar: Now Hear This (This Year, I Free the Music)

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It’s lucky for Brooklyn-based Quill Quasar that he has an in with the astronauts, since his one of his main tasks, besides creating lasting hip-hop/rap/R&B tunes, is to “travel races throughout the galaxy in search of the only thing that can save earth from its impending doom – Love.”

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I am Harlequin: Now Hear This

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I am Harlequin, otherwise known as Anne Freier, is a German-born, London-based singer/songwriter who’s got one of those sultry, belt-it-out voices that doesn’t quit. She writes indie pop songs on both harp and piano, often adding a spare, electro edge…

11 Jun 2011 | More

The Black Shades: Now Hear This

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As Kentucky’s The Black Shades tell it, they formed out of sheer necessity. In their own “wild minds” they like to reveal a little about their origins with this tale: “Jack White and David Bowie got together over a dinner of boiled goose (prepared by Julian Casablancas) and asked that fate bring Aaron Clark, Michael Dean, Michael Thomas, and Jerry Kessinger together in order to create the indie-dance-pop tunes that so many folks are pining for these days

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Hazel Jade Rogers: Now Hear This

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It’s not often we make a point of highlighting teenage talent the likes of Dublin-based Hazel Jade Rogers, now a savvy fifteen-year-old, whose first non-school performance was a mere two years ago, when she sang in the opera Carmen in a major Irish concert hall.

30 Mar 2011 | More