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SCAMS: Now Hear This

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The UK’s hardworking, film-loving SCAMS are the most recent top pick amongst a plethora of bands who’ve sent us their music, just dying (ahem) for a chance to answer Sentimentalist Mag’s own version of the infamous Proust Questionnaire.

26 Aug 2010 | 1 comment | More

The Woodlands: Now Hear This

It’s not often we come across a musical act that forms as the result of an old-fashioned, friendship-into-love scenario, rather …Read the Rest

14 May 2010 | More

Now Hear This: Beware Fashionable Women

Barak Shpiez, frontman of Pittsburgh’s Beware Fashionable Women, is a musical force of nature with a penchant for writing indelible pop hooks and sun-soaked harmonies, songs made for summer.

20 Apr 2010 | 1 comment | More

Now Hear This: Unicycle Loves You

Self-described as “Dark & twisted, light & airy, or raucous & wild,” Chicago quartet Unicycle Loves You formed in 2006 and have since garnered buzz among hometown blogs and national press such as SPIN and Filter thanks to their energetic and impassioned shape-shifting live performances…

23 Feb 2010 | 1 comment | More

A Million Interviews Through the Globe: The Silent Years

Compared to household names like Elliot Smith and Tim Buckley, Detroit band The Silent Years recently released their much-anticipated album The Globe. With themes like alienation and existentialism, the band executes vulnerable rock resoundingly without crossing over into whiny, maudlin ballads.

1 Oct 2008 | More

Now Hear This: Sarandon: No Cardigans Please, Twee is Simply Awful

The UK’s Sarandon like to call themselves a pop band with a short attention span.  The name of their latest …Read the Rest

24 Jun 2008 | More

Switches Are At Full Tilt

This young UK act has no need to switch it on. They’re already on fire, stirring up our stages and …Read the Rest

4 Jun 2008 | More

Now Hear This: Dasher

Some bands may flaunt the cliché “we’re big in Japan” even if they’ve played there once to an empty room, …Read the Rest

12 Feb 2008 | More

Brooke Miller : Sentimentalist Magazine Interview

When did you put the current band together? We started playing together officially on June 4th. that was our first …Read the Rest

18 Oct 2007 | More

The Voyces : Sentimentalist Magazine How Hear This

What year did the band form. My answer would be 2006, but it’s up for debate. How did all the …Read the Rest

22 Sep 2007 | 5 comments | More