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SXSW 2009 Day 2: Thursday, 3.19.09, Austin TX

Why dare to dream away the morning when there were spicy Bloody Marys, PBR tallboys and bands to be had …Read the Rest

27 Mar 2009 | More

SXSW 2009 Day 1: Wednesday, 3.18.09, Austin TX

A few minor catastrophes like storm clouds over Houston and flight delays may have gotten us into the thick of …Read the Rest

19 Mar 2009 | More

A Pre-SXSW Chat with London’s The Chap

Mega Breakfast indeed, old chaps.  I first stumbled across London pop quartet The Chap and their startlingly uplifting song, “Proper …Read the Rest

17 Mar 2009 | 1 comment | More

A Pre-SXSW Chat with New Zealand’s Cut Off Your Hands

Since we first caught New Zealand’s Cut off Your Hands at a NYC CMJ showcase two years ago, around the …Read the Rest

17 Mar 2009 | More

Fever Ray: Burning From the Inside

Ominous, effective, uplifting, vibrant, elegiacal, anxious: such are a few words that only begin to describe the dramatic intensity of the songs of Fever Ray, the latest solo project from The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

So Percussion: The Game of Modern

Recently, prevalent notions of creative society as expressed in mournful entries, smacking blog comments and sudden revelations of conflict have often been that of an argument between art and finance. These include caricatures depicting those who endeavor to achieve something which may have no definitive end but has an inspired beginning, or point to the idea that if money was not a stone wall, then we could do anything, or if people would listen, (for what it’s worth), there would be no communication barricade.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More

Love Is All: Love and Insomnia

Love Is All’s latest release, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night, is is a devilishly contagious amalgam of pop and punk, done sublimely, as only this bustling Swedish five-piece can. Seeing them live, whether at a secret show inside a remote Brooklyn gallery or at a proper downtown venue, confirms them as all the more flawless, since one of the best facets of their music stems from the band’s quirky collective personality.

20 Dec 2008 | 1 comment | More

Midnight Juggernauts: Changing Things One Beat at a Time: Sentimentalist Magazine Online Exclusive

Australian acts have historically had a harder time getting exposure than their north of the equator counterparts, so it’s fitting …Read the Rest

20 Nov 2007 | 1 comment | More

Matt Costa’s Next Step: Sentimentalist Magazine Online Exclusive

Skate or die dude! A piece of Matt Costa literally had to perish in order for the folk popster we …Read the Rest

29 Oct 2007 | 1 comment | More

What’s CMJ? Crashin’ In and Sentimentalist Magazine Party 10.19.07

Our friends at Crashin’ In had the fabulously insane idea of putting on a marathon-of-a-party during CMJ week. Naturally, we …Read the Rest

22 Oct 2007 | 1 comment | More