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Anna Calvi, Eleanor Friedberger, New Moods at BV Holiday Party 12.13.11

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Needless to say, the blinding sea of frail Brooklyn whiteness—on and off stage—could not make proper kinesthetic sense of Friedberger’s off-tempo art-rock. On stage, she seamlessly coupled the warmth of Patti Smith with the outlandish glamour of Kate Bush, while playing songs that she must have discovered somewhere in Bowie’s k-hole

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Anomie Belle – ‘Machine’

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Though the romanticized torch singer is a heavily-sought title for many contemporary female vocalists, few approach it through such an experimental lens. Anomie Belle’s collaborative failures (see: Mr Lif’s verse on the title track) and weakness of production all seem to fall short of, or even complement, the strength of her uniquely apposed voice.

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S!CK: White Ring, Von Haze, Blissed Out, Pictureplane and Shams (and More) at Santo’s

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There was one moment, I think it was during the Aaron K DJ set before White Ring was due to go on, the lights were pulsating at the “Warning; If You’re Prone To Seizures, You Are Having One” level, that I heard a girl right next to me let out a very loud shriek. I stopped, pulsated and moved toward the direction of the scream. It turned out she’d just spotted a “veeeerrrrryy good friend”, and as all living beings have done for millions of years, announced this fact to everyone at full hilt.

It was scary, it was amazing and then all of a sudden everyone was there to hear it.

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CMJ Music Marathon, Wednesday 10.22.08, Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom

Fujiya and Miyagi, Walter Meego, Cory Chisel and Shugo Tokumaru

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CMJ Music Marathon, Tuesday 10.21.08

Cut Off Your Hands, The Ruby Suns, Violens, Amazing Baby…

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Fischerspooner, Santos Party House, NYC, 9.05.08

Fischerspooner performed a secret surprise show in NYC last week. They
played a short but sweet set which included “The Best Revenge,” “Danse en
France,” “Supply & Demand,” and “Money Can’t Dance.”

1 Oct 2008 | More

Get Up and Vote “Barack Rock” Benefit Show, Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 2.4.08

On the eve of the primary elections, Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think presented NYC with this fine, festive night …Read the Rest

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The Teenagers at Mercury Lounge, NYC 01.30.08

The Teenagers, a hot dish of 80′s groove, lust for American actresses and pop culture from Paris, alighted the Mercury …Read the Rest

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