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French Female Group Juniore to play Piano’s and Rough Trade, NYC next week, new video “Christine” out now

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French female group Juniore bring their compelling, 60′s-style surf songs to NYC next week with two back to back shows, at Piano’s on February 6th and the newly-reopened Rough Trade NYC stage on February 7th.

30 Jan 2014 | More

Placebo’s Next Album, Loud Like Love, Out September 17

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I assume the ever-charismatic Brian Molko’s lyrics for Placebo’s new teaser single, “Too Many Friends”, are tongue-in-cheek, since the rhymes …Read the Rest

17 Jul 2013 | More

Austra’s Latest ‘Home’ Video and Tour Dates

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Austra has just released their latest “Home” video from their upcoming Olympia album, out June 18th on Domino Records.

1 May 2013 | More

Crime & The City Solution – ‘Goddess’ Video, Stompingly Good for a Band Resurrected After Two Decades

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The first single from the band’s upcoming album, American Twilight, out March 26th on Mute Records, and to be released digitally on March 5th.

22 Feb 2013 | More

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Answer the Question “Are we still relevant?” with Upcoming North American Tour and Album

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have just confirmed their upcoming tour, to begin in mid-March, which will follow the release of their FIFTEENTH studio album, ‘Push the Sky Away.’ The album, which is being heralded as both modern and one of their most “subtly beautiful” to date, is to be released February 19, 2013.

20 Dec 2012 | More

The Knife to Release New Album in April, ‘Shaking the Habitual’

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Staying true to their mysterious leanings, the Knife don’t like to give it all away up front, and as they recently revealed ever so gently in their latest, brightly-hued new video clip on their website, the Swedish duo, Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, will release a new album this April.

14 Dec 2012 | 1 comment | More

Mykki Blanco Releases Free Mix Tape Download; Tours with Death Grips

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Go to to download Mykki Blanco’s debut mixtape, ‘Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss’, out Friday, via UNO. Blanco will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, kicking off his tour opening for the incomparable Death Grips…

12 Nov 2012 | More

Adam Green and Binki Shapiro Self-Titled Album to be Released January 29, 2013; Preview Shows in November

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Adam Green & Binki Shapiro (of Little Joy, etc) have teamed up to create a duo album that flows with acoustic, late 60′s sparkling pop vibes and bittersweet boy/girl choruses.

8 Oct 2012 | More

Death Grips Bankrupt Epic Records (And Make Everyone Happy)

Apparently not satisfied with just fucking with the deep web people, Death Grips decided to hang Epic out to dry. Earlier today they announced that they wil release “No Love Deep Web” on Oct 1st at 12AM with the statement:

the label wouldn’t confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB until “next year sometime ” . the label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.

Knowing them it will probably be free (I don’t think labels make money off of free things). Perhaps it’s because the two parties couldn’t decide who should hang and who should hold on to the legs to make death grip faster.

UPDATE: They were about 15 minutes late.

UPDATE 2: And now their own site has been shut down, the reasoning (according to the band’s twitter) is that their label, again that’s Epic, a part of Sony Entertainment (which is known for losing it’s online battles). We’ve sent a request for comment to the label to get their side.

30 Sep 2012 | More

Tiny Teen French Duo, Carbon Airways, Expand on their Electro Music, with the Help of a Computer!

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That’s straight from the lil’ brother and sister duo’s lips! They make metal-grinding electro which verges on sounding like Prodigy with a dose of Crystal Castles, and they love Atari Teenage Riot…

20 Sep 2012 | 1 comment | More