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The Elusive Balam Acab to Tour the U.S. This November and December

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Last winter, the songs of BALAM ACAB (aka Alec Koone), were our go-to after hours songs, spun for many a random party in the Sentimentalistmag/S!CK party HQ. That fantastical dark sound! The ghostly voice! The deceivingly catchy beats! The debut Ep See Birds definitely found its fans here. This fall, Tri Angle released BALAM ACAB’s Wander/Wonder, his debut, on September 6th…

11 Oct 2011 | More

States Offer Free Track ‘Timebomb’ and Start Fall Tour

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States, a heavy-hitting, rock perfect quintet led by the lovely Mindy White, have a mysterious website and facebook page that doesn’t reveal where they are from or when the band started, but none of that really matters, does it?

3 Oct 2011 | More

Psychic Dancehall Releases ‘Dreamers’ Debut

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What moody, sweet songs they make. Psychic Dancehall, the duo which promises that it’s “not a rock band”, are lovers Dorian Wartime and Sylvia Innocent, who met in 2006 and immediately took an apartment in San Diego together to create brooding music of “sonic honesty.”

28 Sep 2011 | More

Heartsrevolution and Kitsune Dare You to Mix New Track, ‘Teenage Teardrops’

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Fancy yourself a rad mix master or evil genius basement producer? NYC duo HEARTSREVOLUTION have teamed up with their label Kitsune to let you, savvy listener, come up with your own wild mix for their latest track, “Teenage Teardrops”.

22 Aug 2011 | More

Sigur Rós to Release ‘Inni’ Live Album This November on XL

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Sigur Rós will release Inni, being called “the definitive Sigur Rós live experience” on XL Recordings this November.

17 Aug 2011 | More

Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5 Toast Us with a Cover of The Kinks’ “Alcohol”

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For those of us who had one of those carnivalesque weekends rife with episodes that would fit in just fine in a late Fellini film, here’s a cover of the Kinks’ “Alcohol”, by Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5…

11 Jul 2011 | More

In The Mix Bag: Gospels, Fostercare, Death Grips

Taras and Ryan, the principles of Gospels have a very peculiar sense of the world…
Also we listen to Fostercare and Death Grips.

9 Jul 2011 | More

Nick Cave and Neko Case Pair Up in True Blood with “She’s Not There”

What better to stick your fangs into than a duet between the dark crooner, Nick Cave, and smoky-voiced chanteuse Neko Case, fulfilling our most vivid vampire dreams set in the moody, fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana?

27 Jun 2011 | More

Araab Muzik – Let It Go

This song was made by Aarab Muzik in his stalactite beat cave, so much piercing, blueish natural precision, mathematical complexity and otherworldly beauty. This is off of his latest EP Electronic Dream that has been burning up the intertubes, this album is a fire breathing dragon leaving that cave. We’re not usually telling people what to do (wait, yes we do), but you should acquire the whole album (the tracks all go one into the next so it’s great from start to finish) on Amazon.

We can’t wait for this July 21st show in New York.

24 Jun 2011 | More

Beirut Announce ‘The Rip Tide’ Album Details and Summer Tour

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‘The Rip Tide’, Beirut’s latest album, four years in the making, will be released August 30th via Pompeii Records (and Revolver in the U.S.), a label started by the band’s Zach Condon. Since no large labels were involved, it means full creative control for the band.

7 Jun 2011 | More