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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Fall/Winter 2013: Brooklyn Fashion, We’re Smitten

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Don your gilt-tooled masks. Fluff your cravats and smooth your satin gowns. Paint over your beauty marks with black hearts and dainty spades. It’s too early to put away your Mardi Gras finery just yet; The weekend has come for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend,in all the glory of its twelfth season.

14 Feb 2013 | More

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Gets Festive : A Holiday Pop-Up

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is being very celebratory about the holidays this year. Last Saturday marked the release of their 2nd magazine issue.  The issue, which was holiday themed, was given out at their Winter Bawl, held at creator of WFW Arthur Arbit’s painting-filled loft. Photos from the event appear around this post for your voyeuristic enjoyment (or tag yourself proud if you’re in them).

The magazine was available in print at the event. It’s now available to read up on the web.  This issue focuses on, in addition to showcasing local talent, the need to restructure the fashion industry, and does so by featuring stories on a local factory and manufacturing. The magazine also offers a detailed shopping guide and map of where to shop locally for the holidays. It will also be available in print form at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Holiday Market this upcoming weekend, December 15th and 16th.

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Brooklyn Makes It, The World Wears It

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Get ready, fashion world. There is a threat brewing, or incubating rather, in Brooklyn. Literally. Bob Bland, the founder of …Read the Rest

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Paris Fashion Week Night Crawling

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If you are in Paris this week teetering around in dusty heels in the gravel outside the tents for the spring/summer 2013 shows, or just as a hanger-on clutching a camera, trying to spot Kanye West outside of the Carousel, or if you are a fabulous one who’s invited all the way to the City of Light to dj or merely host parties, perhaps we’ll bump into you at one of these Parisian spots in the next few days.

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What’s Going On This Weekend? Well There’s Always a S!ck Party

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Tonight if you’re in New York you’re looking outside and saying to yourself, I don’t know how people can possibly stay awake in places like London or Seattle (the answer is: with drugs) because you just want to curl somewhere with a warm bottle of Cabernet and a blanket. But surprise, there are plenty of good things to do, click through to see some suggestions.

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend September 2012: Pointing Towards Spring’s Mad Carnival Season

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It’s unanimous. Williamsburg Fashion Weekend’s eleventh season for spring 2013 was the most provocative yet, so rather than describe the daring cut of the cloth or analyze the extreme performances, we’ve thrown up some of our favorite photos and videos to let you see for yourself.

24 Sep 2012 | More

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2012: Turn it Up to Eleven!

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Daffy’s may be going out of business, and September’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week may be coming to a close, but Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is going strong, so put your best party dress and face paint on and prepare yourself for back to back evenings of extreme fashion and performance. Now in its eleventh season, the bi-annual event, founded in 2006 by the enterprising designer/artist/personality Arthur Arbit, will be showcasing 15 independent designers during its two-night stint at Windmill Studios in Williamsburg on September 14th and 15th.

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Feb 17th and 18th

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is now in it’s 10th season of serving as the fashionable hair of the dog to the …Read the Rest

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Billy Reid Transcends Decades at Eyebeam Studios, Fall/Winter 2012-13, Friday February 10, 2012

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I may have punk roots, but a few of my favorite things have evolved to include other decades mixed with the present: glam, fur accents, worn leather jackets, slim silhouettes and floppy hats.

Southern-born gent Billy Reid had his first, full-on runway for men and women at Chelsea’s Eyebeam Studios tonight, keeping pre-show crowds tame with a scintillating mix of Dogfish ale and sultry blues… until the night began.

11 Feb 2012 | More

What To Expect When You Are Expecting This Weekend

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We have a lot of fun things to do this weekend, you and I and everyone we know. A short run down then:

For all the details click on down and read all about it.

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