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Jack White: Festival Dates Confirmed

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Jack White has confirmed the first two live dates in support of his upcoming debut album Blunderbuss, out April 24 (Third Man Records/Columbia). Alabama’s Hangout Music Fest (May 18th) and Sasquatch! (May 26th) out west, in Washington…

9 Feb 2012 | More

Elijah Wood, DJ (Bushmills “Since Way Back” Event)

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I am still burping up the delicious ginger puree used to make all of the cocktails I guzzled at last …Read the Rest

3 Feb 2012 | 1 comment | More

Show Is Sold Out So Just Look At The Flier

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  The show at 285 Kent Ave, Brooklyn with Beige, Class Actress, Dog Leather and of course Pictureplane is sold …Read the Rest

3 Feb 2012 | More

What Is Your Inner Skrillex Doing Tonight?

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Well, tonight in New York your answer to the headline question could actually be: my inner Skrillex is going to be actual Skrillex and I am going to Webster Hall around 6PM and sound check and the sound engineers will make sure the sounds drop at all the right frequencies and volumes. Then my inner Skrillex wearing a real Skrillex suit…

31 Jan 2012 | More

Holiday Plans: Fiery Furnaces’ Frontwoman in Brooklyn

Fresh off her tours with The Kills and Wild Flag, the Firey Furnaces frontwoman returns to Brooklyn for two nights. Eleanor Friedberger will be at Gowanus’ favorite high school gymnasium on December 8th, this time without her veteran mother superiors.

6 Dec 2011 | More

Madonna Will Sing During Your Buffalo Wing Break at Super Bowl XLVI

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She’s bigger than a female Jackson or a Black Eyed Pea, so why not the ever-young, always toned Madge for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show?

Yes, it’s big news for a Monday morning. Madonna will take on the halftime of Super Bowl XLVI this February…

5 Dec 2011 | More

French Synth Acts Housse de Racket and Yelle to Tour the U.S. in December

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France’s synth-rock duo Housse de Racket, which means “tennis racket cover” to we English speakers, are taking on a debut tour of the United States with their countrymen, pop trio Yelle. It all starts December 2nd at the Fillmore in Miami, FL…

24 Nov 2011 | More

Show Tonight: Nisennenmondai at DBA

Nisennenmondai are a trio of Japanese girls who ply their trade in an infectious brand of noise dance-rock and tonight …Read the Rest

2 Nov 2011 | More

Zebra Baby Play Panda Tonight

If I had to come up with an anthropomorphic, Noam Choamskiist nonsensical sentence I would be at pains to do better than the title of this post, however all of it makes sense. Zebra Baby are a band formed by Ali Ramos and Char Johnson and they are performing tonight at 9:30 at Panda, a venue located in New York at 139 Chrystie Street. See, easy stuff, Zebra Baby are celebrating the release of a new single called “Juice”. We saw them first at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and love the hell out of that, so thus we’re looking forward to more.

26 Oct 2011 | More

Fader Fort by Fiat CMJ Weekend Lineup Announced

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Get thee to the Fader Fort this Friday and Saturday at Drive-In Studios on 18th St.’s West side to see some amazing acts by day, before you see them at their official CMJ Music Marathon 2011 showcases. Why not have some unofficial fun while the sun does shine?

17 Oct 2011 | More