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Get Chemical Tonight: Radical Dads, Electric People, Gross Relations and EULA at Cake Shop

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Screw the whole “two new chemical elements found” buzz, the earth is already way too overpopulated; instead go see the free radicals Radical Dads together at last/first with Electric People, Gross Relations and EULA (typically stands for End User License Agreement and the evil one inside your iTunes is read to hilarity here by Richard Dreyfus , he was also the voice in some of the earlier Apple ads so he’s a complete two faced coward a.k.a an actor who pays bills).

The show has the whole science this, rock out that theme and will commence at Cake Shop shortly after 9 strikes of the clock at the cost of $7 (~4900 billion atoms).

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The Shackeltons Shake Up Dominion, NYC May 26 with Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo Hosting

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The twitchy, feel-good, feverish and staggering PA-based Shackeltons, named after the esteemed explorer Ernest Shackelton, bring their “vibrating music that feels like a feverish gospel song aching for a warm blanket and a mother’s arms” to Dominion, NYC at 428 Lafayette St., NYC on Thursday, May 26.

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Make Out With White Mystery Tonight at Public Assembly

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In a somewhat singular instance people who leave comments on Youtube videos actually sound sane and on top of that suggest ideas that sound attractive. This instance happens to be on this White Mystery video which you will see here…

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Three Picks for This Weekend: High Art or Debauchery, My Friends?

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This weekend, you have a few key choices for hamming it up.

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Cinco De Mayo in NYC: Too Many Shows, Too Many Margaritas

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A trip to Mexico may not be in our cards today, but there are hundreds of ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the city tonight. Get a spray tan, don your most festive duds and start happy hour early with some margaritas in lieu of lunch, since the 5th of May only comes once a year.

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Update: Beacon EP Release Party at The Gutter, Brooklyn, 4.22.11 Was Amazing

I stutter when I try to say how perfectly timed their beats and pauses are and this is before I even try to talk about the melody and the movement of the energy in their songs. That energy is stunning.

Get your mind into that gutter! The first 50 people into Beacon’s EP release party at The Gutter get a free Beacon EP, so get your snazzy combo bowling/dancing shoes on early. Doors are at 9pm to drink, dance and bowl on a Friday night. Good clean fun.

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S!CK April 22nd with OoOOo, Nike7up, Butterclock, Blissed Out, Mascara

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S!CK, the party that could, is becoming a cultural event that would, now that even the New Yorker has stodgily given some notice, while omitting details and getting some facts wrong, has crowned us with the finest prize: parents calling from all over the world saying, “ahem”, and “very good” and “wow, what fine language”. However, pay no heed to all that “jazz”, it’s still going to be just as weird and sick and whatever you will call an amazing experience. Listen to some of the performers in your private bubble and come join us this Friday at Santo’s.

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Three Images of Things To Do This Weekend

There are many things to do this weekend, these are three of the best ones for the next two days. Click on by for all the datails.

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Young Empires, The Young Friends, Beacon at Studio at Webster Hall 4.7.2011

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Tomorrow you’re going to find yourself at the crossroads, it could be the 4,5,6 train, the L, the M14 bus, …Read the Rest

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Salem and Soars at Johny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on March 21st

Watch the videos from this night here Much love for Salem, who are continuing on their tour and stopping by Johny …Read the Rest

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