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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Feb 17th and 18th

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is now in it’s 10th season of serving as the fashionable hair of the dog to the …Read the Rest

17 Feb 2012 | More

Elijah Wood, DJ (Bushmills “Since Way Back” Event)

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I am still burping up the delicious ginger puree used to make all of the cocktails I guzzled at last …Read the Rest

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Zebra Baby Play Panda Tonight

If I had to come up with an anthropomorphic, Noam Choamskiist nonsensical sentence I would be at pains to do better than the title of this post, however all of it makes sense. Zebra Baby are a band formed by Ali Ramos and Char Johnson and they are performing tonight at 9:30 at Panda, a venue located in New York at 139 Chrystie Street. See, easy stuff, Zebra Baby are celebrating the release of a new single called “Juice”. We saw them first at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and love the hell out of that, so thus we’re looking forward to more.

26 Oct 2011 | More

What’s Down This Weekend?

What to do tomorrow:

  • Get down with The Occupation Party, presented by the Danger List folks with a swizzle hot flier made by Shepard Fairey.
  • If you’d like to instead just go and simply hear some kick ass music and drink some get down with Davila 666, Acid Baby Jesus, Sweet Tooth, Cassie Ramone and XRAY EYEBALLS at 285 Kent ave.
  • Watch some Creator stuff.
  • Never use swizzle again.

Get down with The Occupation Party, presented by the Danger List folks with a swizzle hot flier made by Shepard Fairey. Now, some have noted that this is the first “big name artist” to get behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, I guess Russell “I’ll Clean It Up” Simmons doesn’t count:

14 Oct 2011 | More

What To Expect When You Are Expecting This Weekend

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We have a lot of fun things to do this weekend, you and I and everyone we know. A short run down then:

For all the details click on down and read all about it.

15 Sep 2011 | More

GHXST to Play London, Paris and Brooklyn Shows

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There’s no rest for the wicked, as the saying, and their EP title goes. Brooklyn’s dark and lovely trio GHXST play their first transatlantic shows this week…

5 Sep 2011 | More

What To Do This Thursday: Good Lineup Edition

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This line up put together by Lady Bree at Public Assembly is full of good people and music they make, …Read the Rest

24 Aug 2011 | More

What To Do This Friday: Till The World Ends Edition

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No, I’m not reviving that old end of the world horse just to ride it up and down a screaming apocalypse speech. Instead I’m referring to the still latest Salem video and remix of Britney Spear’s “Till The World Ends” which they’ve premiered together with lots of new audible goodies at a rather artfully infused party in a New York gallery…

23 Aug 2011 | More

Pussy Dance Party

There is definitely a cat, stretching. And there is also the Cat Face party for all people who like a dance, a loud music, and a good music at that.

9 Jul 2011 | More

Underground Rebel Bingo Party July 25th

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At the end of Underground Rebel Bingo you win a thousand dollars or a thousand followers or a thousand drawings on your body and a hazy post party date where you maybe have spent the thousand dollars and lost a bunch of followers but the rest of them will help you piece it all together the next day. Regardless you have chosen your own adventure and did it with the best soundtrack around.

Follow this event trail for all of the info about tickets and location. We have two tickets to give away, which you might want since they are mostly sold out, retweet this post for a chance to win those.

24 Jun 2011 | More