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Weekend Cool Down: HAM, Hard Mix, Von Haze and More

It hit a hundred in NYC and then hailed, but as of today, you’re in for a weekend cool down. …Read the Rest

9 Jun 2011 | More

Three Picks for This Weekend: High Art or Debauchery, My Friends?

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This weekend, you have a few key choices for hamming it up.

12 May 2011 | More

Cinco De Mayo in NYC: Too Many Shows, Too Many Margaritas

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A trip to Mexico may not be in our cards today, but there are hundreds of ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the city tonight. Get a spray tan, don your most festive duds and start happy hour early with some margaritas in lieu of lunch, since the 5th of May only comes once a year.

5 May 2011 | More

Salem in Moscow

Right now go here: Russia, then Moscow and then: “go here right now 6/2 arbatsky perelouk“. Arbatsky pereulok is one …Read the Rest

23 Apr 2011 | More

S!CK April 22nd with OoOOo, Nike7up, Butterclock, Blissed Out, Mascara

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S!CK, the party that could, is becoming a cultural event that would, now that even the New Yorker has stodgily given some notice, while omitting details and getting some facts wrong, has crowned us with the finest prize: parents calling from all over the world saying, “ahem”, and “very good” and “wow, what fine language”. However, pay no heed to all that “jazz”, it’s still going to be just as weird and sick and whatever you will call an amazing experience. Listen to some of the performers in your private bubble and come join us this Friday at Santo’s.

20 Apr 2011 | More

Underground Rebel Bingo Giveaway for This Saturday, April 23

Apparently, in a dark haze, the Being in charge of the apocalypse has decided to use bingo as a means …Read the Rest

20 Apr 2011 | More

Three Images of Things To Do This Weekend

There are many things to do this weekend, these are three of the best ones for the next two days. Click on by for all the datails.

14 Apr 2011 | More

Aussie BBQ Bringing Summer to NYC This Sunday, March 13th

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THE AUSSIE BBQ, hailed as one of the biggest parties with the best accent (and collective tan) in Austin during SXSW, will hit New York City’s Bowery Ballroom this Sunday, March 13th, 2011, courtesy of Stagemothers. We’re not sure where they’ll be firin’ up the barbie, but even if it’s on the gritty sidewalks of Delancey St., that’s fine with us.

10 Mar 2011 | More Party This Friday in Williamsburg: Why Pay More For Your Debauchery?

There are many good things to say about the party. For instance, its entire idea and aesthetic comes from …Read the Rest

8 Mar 2011 | 2 comments | More

Lady Bree and Sentimentalist Magazine Present… Food Stamps and more

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Shake off your mid-January chill and start the weekend with some dark treats, presented by Lady Bree and Sentimentalist Magazine on Friday, January 14th.

13 Jan 2011 | More