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100 Waters – Boreal (Deadalus Remix)

How many times can you can you describe a Deadalus track as  ”dreamy drippy molasses” or “the sounds of searching …Read the Rest

6 Mar 2013 | More

Supreme Cuts ‘Whispers In The Dark’ Remixed With Excellence

I guess someone in marketing finally had a good idea and they bought a bunch of beer and psychotropic tea and got Brenmar (remember his work on the Micky Blanco track Wavvy?!), Physical Therapy (who are not to be confused with Brooklyn’s DJ Physical Therapy, who makes some chill-wave-funk step tracks), Sich Mang (who currently work in the “wurkstep” genre after trying and discarding “jukestep,” “wurkstyle,” and “wurkkore” , I hope those other genres are not mad at them, but they’ve met this new genre you see…) and a few others to make remixes of the Supreme Cuts Whispers in The Dark. The tracks there in are perfect whispers in the dark.

28 Sep 2012 | More

Liars, as Remixed by Cadence Weapon, with Hip-Hop Bits

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“Brats”, Liars’ latest remix + single, is out on 12″ and download on October 16th and the reissue of their first three albums, of course, is also on vinyl etc. via Mute. The “Brats” 12” and download includes remixes from Cadence Weapon, Vessel and David Scott Stone.

20 Sep 2012 | More

Breton Get All Mixed Up With Lana Del Ray and D/R/U/G/S

Breton’s remix of Lana Del Ray’s National Anthem separates the vocals even further from the instrumental layer than the original. A visual analog would be a video of a ghost of Marilyn Monroe on Valium playing a Jackie O in a film that’s set in 1968-69, that is years after the event that finishes the stupendous, gorgeous original video. This remix could be the jump-off point for a sequel video where Lana is Princess Di being chased through the dark streets of London by Waka Flocka who happens to have a rooster in his ‘rari.

18 Jul 2012 | More

Planningtorock Remix of When Saints Go Machine – ‘Mannequin’

Planningtorock puts her string-laden stamp on the song and strips the Danish quartet When Saints Go Machine‘s track “Mannequin” down to its core.

26 Jun 2012 | More

Battles Drop ‘Dross Glop’ Mixtape April 17th

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Battles, a rare standing survivor among the heavy & staccato sounds to emerge from the great Electrowar has garnered much international acclaim for their dynamism. Testimony as such, their beautiful second full-length child ‘Gloss Drop’ (2011) has had each and every of its organs and tissues re-arranged by top surgeons…

28 Feb 2012 | More

Salem’s “Better Off Alone” Is A Group Effort

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Jacques Derrida also once shrewdly remarked in a his seminal text on Metaphysics of Logocentrism, “The remixers become the remix”. To that Jacques Lacan then added: “Gaze. Rape gaze” and let go of a puffet of rich purple dank smoke*. And so today brings us an Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot remix of the Salem version of “Better Off Alone” is a muggier, angrier, and a more energetic version. Give it a listen.

3 Feb 2012 | 1 comment | More

CREEP ‘Animals’ (Remixed and Anticipating Full-Length)

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A few weeks back we dropped CREEP’s Solaris-esque video for their latest track “Animal” (feat. Holly Miranda).  We just got word …Read the Rest

13 Jan 2012 | More

Miike Snow Drops “Devil’s Work,” ‘Happy To You’ LP Announced

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Post-ABBA music history teaches that Swedish musicians take pop extremely seriously. Miike Snow, following suit, released their 2009 self-titled rookie: the sincere singles were swallowed whole, lightening the vacuous caverns of primetime television soundtracks for Gossip Girl and the reboots of Melrose Place and 90210…

22 Dec 2011 | More

Laurel Halo Remixes Planningtorock’s “Living It Out” to a Perfectly, Germanic Trippy T, Whatever That Means

We are eccentric, upper class Germanic peoples who choose to place our comforting follies in the woods. We are poetic, trippy, yet also down-to-earth, and appreciate a long, drawn out poetry. I must admit, I’d like to belong to this class…

4 Nov 2011 | 1 comment | More