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Courtney Taylor-Taylor to Release Book and Album as One Model Nation

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Our favorite dashing Dandy with the double last name is back. Courtney Taylor-Taylor, of the Dandy Warhols has hooked up with Germany’s One Model Nation and will release not just an album, Totalwerks Vol. 1 (1969 – 1977), but also a work of historical fiction, One Model Nation, a graphic novel set in Berlin in 1977, one of the city’s most turbulent periods of politics and culture.

22 Nov 2011 | 1 comment | More

Planningtorock Lends Vocals to Shit Robot’s ‘Answering Machine’

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Shit Robot has just released ‘Answering Machine’, his latest 12” single, out now on DFA Records, with vocals by none other than Berlin’s Planningtorock.

7 Oct 2011 | More

Portishead to Release ‘Chase the Tear’; Proceeds Going to Amnesty International

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Portishead have just finished up a string of stunning NY area shows, including headlining slots at the I’ll Be Your Mirror ATP Festival in Asbury Park, NJ, which the Village Voice called “heavenly and Mephistophelian”. To keep the experience fresh for fans, they’re releasing single ‘Chase the Tear’…

6 Oct 2011 | More

States Offer Free Track ‘Timebomb’ and Start Fall Tour

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States, a heavy-hitting, rock perfect quintet led by the lovely Mindy White, have a mysterious website and facebook page that doesn’t reveal where they are from or when the band started, but none of that really matters, does it?

3 Oct 2011 | More

Late Guest at the Party’s ‘You Make Me Nervous’, DJ Teenwolf Remix for a Friday Morning

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So what if Interview beat us as the first to premiere this track? Late Guest at the Party’s ‘You Make Me Nervous’ is a lot bit dancey, a little bit Britpop and definitely unpredictable and ridiculously fun…

30 Sep 2011 | More

Chateau Marmont – ‘Receive and Follow’ a Little French Space Pop for a Friday Afternoon

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Lush, airy melodies, robotic voices and a splash of Fever Ray keys (you’ll hear the riff)… ease into the weekend …Read the Rest

23 Sep 2011 | More

Alex Winston to Release ‘Velvet Elvis’ EP on September 13

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Dive in, chill out. Provocative singer Alex Winston will release her next album in January 2012, yet the title track will be released much sooner, on her 3-track Velvet Elvis EP, due September 13 via Island Records UK.

21 Jul 2011 | More

Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5 Toast Us with a Cover of The Kinks’ “Alcohol”

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For those of us who had one of those carnivalesque weekends rife with episodes that would fit in just fine in a late Fellini film, here’s a cover of the Kinks’ “Alcohol”, by Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5…

11 Jul 2011 | More

In The Mix Bag: Gospels, Fostercare, Death Grips

Taras and Ryan, the principles of Gospels have a very peculiar sense of the world…
Also we listen to Fostercare and Death Grips.

9 Jul 2011 | More

In The Mix Bag: Wu-Tang, Araab Muzik, Salem

Wu-Tang Clan - Laced Cheeba (Feat. Ghostface, Sean Price, Trife Diesel, prod. by Noah Rubin) from the new Wu-Tang album that’s set to roundhouse you on July 26th. Everyone who got the Wu-Tang logo tattooed on their body/face has been vindicated many times over, here’s another star track in the never ending dynasty.

Then there’s Araab Muzik and Salem…

30 Jun 2011 | More