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TV On the Radio’s Video Nominated for a Grammy Award

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It couldn’t have happened to a better band. Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio has been nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Long Form Video” for Nine Types of Light at the Grammy’s 54th Annual Awards.

2 Dec 2011 | More

Tulipomania – ‘Rumble Thud’ Video from The Whispering Campaign album

There’s something meditative about the dancehall beats and the fiery hammer, toy cars on fire and open cauldron look of …Read the Rest

21 Nov 2011 | More

Parenthetical Girls’ New Video and Tour Dates

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Parenthetical Girls are in no rush to release Privilege, their latest full length, since they’ve chosen to dole it out …Read the Rest

14 Nov 2011 | More

Laurel Halo Remixes Planningtorock’s “Living It Out” to a Perfectly, Germanic Trippy T, Whatever That Means

We are eccentric, upper class Germanic peoples who choose to place our comforting follies in the woods. We are poetic, trippy, yet also down-to-earth, and appreciate a long, drawn out poetry. I must admit, I’d like to belong to this class…

4 Nov 2011 | More

What’s That Fly Video? Fostercare – “Low”

Our pal Marc Jason of Fostercare released a new video for his song “Low” and I’m very much in favor of watching this on the biggest available screen you have, if available power up a projector. The graphics are a great visualization of his fractured, multitudinous vision of the world. The music at first listen makes me execute a dance move akin to a spiraling ice-skater, except for I do it on top of a tub of actual ice cream (which I never eat because, come on psssh, then I’d tumble). Let’s watch it now.

3 Nov 2011 | More

Beacon Decapitate Pop With: No Body

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Every time I’ve been able to see Beacon play live they’ve surprised me with the variations they were able to pull off from their previous EP So Anxious. The background video of Justin Bieber doing “Hiel Bieber”, the perversions they’ve elicited from Katy Perry, the natural breathing vocals of Tom Mulaney and the endless rearrangements driven on stage by Jacob Gobsett, all have made my fickle heart warm and my ever wandering mind focused on their production and performances.

With that in mind I am thrilled about their new release “No Body”, and an intro video the group released to set stage for a thematic development in their story telling.

1 Nov 2011 | 1 comment | More

Zebra Baby Play Panda Tonight

If I had to come up with an anthropomorphic, Noam Choamskiist nonsensical sentence I would be at pains to do better than the title of this post, however all of it makes sense. Zebra Baby are a band formed by Ali Ramos and Char Johnson and they are performing tonight at 9:30 at Panda, a venue located in New York at 139 Chrystie Street. See, easy stuff, Zebra Baby are celebrating the release of a new single called “Juice”. We saw them first at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and love the hell out of that, so thus we’re looking forward to more.

26 Oct 2011 | More

Grieves – ‘Boogie Man’ Video Release

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We’re not so sure that the spooky references aren’t a nod to adult pill-fueled hallucinations, but the chill nature of this Grieves tune belies the eerie, unsettling “little devils”…

20 Sep 2011 | More

Salem – ‘King Night’ Video

In the brand new video for “King Night”, the main protagonist is an 18-wheel semi truck (herein known as Truck). While this may trigger, in some, a Steven King-inspired fear of inanimate, rebellious vehicles, this protagonist is perfect for this song, perhaps even a bit as an embodiment of “Salem — the phenomenon”.

15 Sep 2011 | More

Iceage Release Latest Video

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The snarling, young Danish punks Iceage have just finished their rollicking five-week tour of North America, selling out rooms and wreaking havoc from coast to coast.

30 Aug 2011 | More