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Afrobeta Added to The Identity Festival Lineup This August

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The synthtastic, lightning swift vocals and bass-heavy beats of Miami’s duo Afrobeta might be the quickest way to bring a little South Beach vacation vibe to you this summer.

26 May 2011 | More

Check Out Family History on Bob Dylan’s Birthday

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Chase Pagan is one of those eccentric troubadour performers who blends honky tonk and high camp, armed with a set of golden pipes and gift of wit. No wonder we’ve followed him for years. His latest venture, the band Family History, has just taken it to the high road…

24 May 2011 | More

Beacon ‘Rapture’

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This video from the boys at Beacon is the sort of thing that makes it possible to deal with the rapture morons, the science thugs and the East Village, Greenpoint, Tribeca “looting parties.” Now go out there and do something, something that’s at least as good, I dare you.

Watch the video->

20 May 2011 | More

Yes, We Will Post Every Death Grips Video As They Come Out

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Today’s Death Grips video is Takyon; it has a full ninja-robbery-fighting plot and a guest appearance by MOM, who must be a really hardcore person, because how else could you be around such intense energy. For the record the whole video kills it (it even has a subtitle: Death Yon). See it here first, or just see it again, no skin off my back as long as you just see/listen to it.

18 May 2011 | More

New Mater Suspiria Vision Video Hails Women in Society and Our Duality

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“Seduction of the Armageddon Witches” is the latest video release from mysterious European (they place their location in Kabul or …Read the Rest

17 May 2011 | More

Big Deal Signs to Mute, Continues UK Tour with Anna Calvi

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The UK’s male/female duo Big Deal, made up of KC Underwood and Alice Costelloe, has just been signed to the esteemed Mute Records. Their first full length LP will be released this fall.

6 May 2011 | More

Death Grips – “Guillotine It Goes Yah”

I was planning on having a nice relaxing afternoon, you know, doing cartwheels in the park, eating spaghetti pie, watching …Read the Rest

27 Apr 2011 | 3 comments | More

Friday Swaggaton Videos

This video teaser for ‘Taking Over The Dancefloor’ from Nadia Oh doesn’t have the intellectual heft of this New Yorker article about the jaw dropping murder mysteries and the parallel governments in Guatemala but on the other hand the article on Guatemalan politics doesn’t whip me into a dancing frenzy…

1 Apr 2011 | More

Beacon – ‘Last Friday Night’ – Video Premiere

This video from Beacon is of a Leprechaun you’d find at the end of the rainbow, that you’ve followed along a perfect beach in 33F (0C) weather. The Leprechaun is drunk on Odin’s mead and tells you to “come to daddy” while fingering the wrong button hole, then he will bend over in a way that will remind you of your last Friday night hookup, which also reminds me of that certain way people open candy offered to them in a public space. It’s alienating, alone, primal and real. Watch it.

1 Apr 2011 | 2 comments | More

O’Death Release Mysterious New Video, ‘Bugs”, and Continue Worldwide Trek

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The mighty O’Death have released a bewitching new video for their single “Bugs,” unveiled yesterday…

31 Mar 2011 | More