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‘Marina and Ulay’ from Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present (HBO Films); Your Morning Meditation

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Here’s a Baltic-tinged tremor of romance for your Monday morning, from the soundtrack ‘Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present,’ with score composed by Nathan Halpern. The film is showing on HBO this summer.

23 Jul 2012 | More

Storm the Bastille! Let’s Hear Some Video Love on July 14th

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Those guillotines did make quite a clang. ‘Le Bruit des Machines’, from Parisian duo Video Love, who recently played with EDH on her first North American tour in May.

14 Jul 2012 | More

Ombre – “Cara Falsa”

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A silken, spiraling track for a cloudy Saturday on the water.

9 Jun 2012 | More

GHXST ‘Doom Girl’ Track Premiere; Band Tours UK in June

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New York’s most stylish noise-pop trio GHXST is sharing their latest track, “Doom Girl”, a mixed blast of intriguingly fuzzed guitars, heavy drums and singer/bassist Shelley X’s sensual, blissed-out vocals.

29 May 2012 | More

Rapper Raps Using Quarters and Dimes

“Check out the new song “Been Told” which features Max B (who has been recording hooks via collect calls from jail) with fellow rapper/felon Isaiah Toothtaker, and The Hood Internet.” Sure thing, I’m sold.

22 Feb 2012 | More