March 2010

For March, we go DIGging even deeper, text versus subtext, past melding into present. Icons emerge or stay the same, styles flourish, seasons bring out new intrigue.
This issue bring us Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre, some Liars and These New Puritans.
Later on the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend crashes the scene (is that even this season anymore?), and we get some mind altering submissions.

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cover september october a place to bury strangers

April/May 2009

cover_apr_may_rakes Though I love T.S. Eliot's way with words, I have to differ on his insistence that April is the cruelest month.  During the time this issue was being readied, that month brought The Rakes back to the States, released both new Doves and Silversun Pickups albums, and gave us another dose of polo ground awesomeness at Coachella.  You can't argue with that.  Stay tuned for the music of May, which to us, means more than flowers. Best, Madeline

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April 2008

april2008cover_3.jpg There's something about the reappearance of cherry blossoms and outdoor seating that gives us a new start each spring. People seem to get a little friendlier, more patient, conscientious even. And while the economy is a mess, and most people we know are scratching their heads at the gas pump, in the check-out line at the grocery store (as a recent headline suggests: "You paid WHAT for lettuce?!") and closing their eyes as they pay their bills and file late tax returns, there's just something about those cherry blossoms. With the Ides of March behind us, as are the endless vagabond nights in Austin at SXSW (good on ya, Johnny Flynn and Joe Lean!), the gang at Sentimentalist is slowly waking up from our prolonged winter fogs and stepping out to fresh, temperate afternoons in the 60s and 70s, lingering brunches with friends, and celebrating the sunshine on our pale faces. Our calendars are already filling up with some of the most exciting live shows around: The Raconteurs, The Kills, She & Him, Flight of the Conchords, Cinematic Orchestra, Elbow, and we're also looking forward to the Summer festivals ahead, such as the All Points West Music & Arts Festival that will be rocking out in our own backyard. (Well, Jersey). Yes, spring has definitely sprung around the Sentimental way. So, while we we unpack our hot weather gear from dusty storage boxes, do make yourself some iced tea and settle in for dynamic interviews with Guy Garvey of Elbow, Leila Moss of the Duke Spirit, Jarboe, Ade Blackburn of Clinic, and Keith Murray of We Are Scientists. See you next month! Carrie Alison Assistant Editor

March 2008

march2008cover_2.jpg March has been a month in flux for us at Sentimentalist Magazine. Quite a few of our main staffers had to jet off to various exotic destinations, (yours truly was transplanted last week to Austin, the month's music capital of the world, for our annual up-to-the-minute SXSW coverage). In other words, those are a few reasons for the delay of this month's letter and we apologize. Spring is in the air, and just like the crocuses in Central Park and the verdant buds on the trees around town, Sentimentalist Magazine online is growing fast. We really do appreciate your sticking with us and keeping up with our daily news, reviews and our monthly cover features. We hope you'll feel more than a bit of lust in your hearts after reading this month's cover story on The Kills. Or if it's a goof you're after, the feisty trio known as Human Giant made assistant editor Carrie Alison laugh 'til it hurt during her recent chat with them about their new season. They'll do the same for you no doubt. Please read on and keep your comments coming. Thanks! Happy spring, Madeline

February 2008

february2008cover_21.jpg How does a magazine make the somewhat scary leap from print to online without letting go of its avant-indie roots? Sentimentalist Magazine is sorting it all out while remaining dedicated to our original mission: bringing you our favorite new music and culture on the verge of making a splash, all in the most captivating way we can. We'll never ditch our readership, so don't you fret. We'll never sell our souls for the corporate media either. It's indeed a challenge to stay afloat amidst all the big business music media glossies and splashy sites out there, but we always love a good challenge. The best art does not come easy. Thanks for reading and please do check in with your lovely e-mails and continue to let us know how we're doing with the relaunch. And whoever said an online magazine can't do a monthly "cover"? This lovely Raveonettes spotlight is sure to entice you. Cheers, Madeline

January 2008

January 2008 Cover Here it is! It's 2008 and Sentimentalist Magazine has now officially been relaunched as an online magazine. When we first sent this news to all of our readers, writers and industry contacts, many admitted it came as a surprise, mentioning 'it'll be strange not to find the mag' in stores from Other Music to B&N, or how they'll 'miss seeing this stunning quarterly' gracing their coffee table. However, even more people responded with an upbeat congrats on helping to save a tree or two. So let's put it that way, we're going green. From every angle, it seems the only truly modern and fresh way for an indie music magazine to go is online, since this is the best way to keep up with the daily treasure trove of new releases, live shows, new artists, and the general juicy onslaught of indie music and culture news from around the world. With this in mind, we'll bring you a new cover artist each month and the best interview features, reviews, news and articles at a fast and furious pace, with news and reviews updated daily. Enjoy the new site and have a blast digging into "issue 27", graced by the notorious and dapper Dave Gahan as cover artist, and featuring other greats like Kate Nash, Hot Chip, Holy Fuck, Sia, British Sea Power, The Hives, Sunshine Underground and Jeffrey Lewis, to name but a few. Please be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter so you won't skip a beat. Cheers! Madeline

September 2007

cover 26Sentimentalist Magazine 26 is available online. Bands covered in the issue include Rilo Kiley and Bat For Lashes, hotties like Hot Hot Heat, Fiery Furnaces, Beirut, the Donnas and Jose Gonzalez as well as clever wordsmiths such as Jamie T and the Beastie Boys. Never one to miss out on new album action, Sentimentalist Magazine has also caught up with Liars, Shout Out Louds, Small Sins, Office, Emma Pollock, Moving Units, the Black Lips, Biffy Clyro, the Holloways, Agua de Anneke, Dragons of Zynth, Five O'Clock Heroes, the Mystery Jets and feisty Brit faves, the Wombats. Do yourself a favor and check this issue out!

wombatsThe Wombats : Sentimentalist Magazine 26 : What better a place to talk to a band touted as being smart and wacky than in a Japanese restaurant, where oodles of chopsticks are at their disposal and slurping soup from ginormous bowls is a must? Liverpudlian goofballs the Wombats may look like they’re all fun and games, but meet them once, and it’s clear that the boys are serious about music, and have a set of very serious fans to prove it. I sat down with the clever threesome who dished about the odd road to success, and how the fans they’ve won over so far aren’t exactly the bookish, bubble gum popsters one might expect. [read the whole article in issue 26]
EditorsEditors : Sentimentalist Magazine 26 : Sometimes a band surprises you, taking your preconceived expectations and rearranging them into a different puzzle altogether. And as they break from the stark maze of sounds that echoed across their 2005 debut album, The Back Room, Editors have laid claim to that distinction with their powerful new release, An End Has a Start. [read the whole article in issue 26]
hothotheatHot Hot Heat : Sentimentalist Magazine 26 : It’s not portentous that I know his current state of dress (or lack there of), I just couldn’t help asking, since last time we talked about the new Hot Hot Heat album, he admitted that he hadn’t been using MySpace much because he’d been sitting around in his underwear playing music. [read the whole article in issue 26]
BFLBat For Lashes : Sentimentalist Magazine 26 : Natasha Khan and I are spanning time in Soho. A former nursery school teacher, and Mercury Prize-nominated rising star in England for her debut album Fur and Gold, Khan doesn’t just dance to the beat of her own drum; she has created an alternate world where dreams dictate responsibilities and imagination is all the paint one needs to color in the seasons of life. [read the whole article in issue 26]