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Listen to Balam Acab’s Video Games Remix

Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games” Balam Acab Remix

16 Oct 2011 | More

Is Today The Day We Occupied The City?

Sure looks like it.

15 Oct 2011 | More

Tulipomania – ‘The Whispering Campaign’

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Tulipomania isn’t a band that will be here one day, gone the next. They seem to exist in their own shadowy, intriguing bubble. They’re already on their fourth release, The Whispering Campaign, and without any twitter buzz or chat being bandied about to bloggers in cities around them, they prove that the music they play is, most importantly, what they want to play, pandering to nobody.

14 Oct 2011 | More

S.C.U.M – ‘Again Into Eyes’

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Again Into Eyes doesn’t mean to be a nostalgic album, but it can’t help it, given the deadpan, sexy funereal baritone of Thomas Cohen and S.C.U.M’s celestial synths and titanic, psychedelic guitar leanings, all seemingly informed, (though not admittedly), by the best of the dark romantics…

14 Oct 2011 | More

The Teeth Rotting Sweet Beats of Haajen-Dazs

Not just a talented beat maker and collaborator Nico Haajen-Dazs also intuitively understands modern life and the purpose of twitter, these things still somewhat escape me but this is what I think the twitter bird was made for:

7 Oct 2011 | More

Of Mice and Predatory Lending, and Failed Regulations, and Men

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The echo from the sound bouncing off of the courthouse across the street made locating the speaker difficult for most, as thousands of people moved around Foley Square. At first look, there were almost as many causes as there were people, as it should be. Some were personal: “I lost my scholarship because I smoke cannabis”, advocating either legalization of marijuana or less stringent rules placed on retaining a scholarship; the advocate was wearing a worn in, pin stripe suit.

There were brass bands appearing suddenly in the few open spaces between the protesters, rousing their surroundings with sudden chants and then moving off with osmosis into another corner of the park. Further along, there were many more serious groups, “No Human Is Illegal”, “Citigroup — Fraud”, “Shelters for people with AIDS not tax shelters”, a sea of Transit Worker’s Union signs who among with a myriad other unions have buoyed or rose together with the Occupy Wall Street protest…

6 Oct 2011 | More

Anika Live at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC, 9.28.11

Anika appeared before her rapt audience, bathed in lights that seemed a touch too bright for the no wave chill she conjured along with her band, (which feature the rhythm section of BEAK>, and an added guitarist and keyboardist).

29 Sep 2011 | More

Tom Vek: Never Mind the Grit Please

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Tom Vek was intentionally “missing” from the music world throughout his late twenties, dabbling in other pursuits and reading lots of books since his infectious 2005 debut We Have Sound. Now he’s back with Leisure Seizure, his lucky album number two, being released in the U.S. this month.

23 Sep 2011 | More

Enter the ‘Drive’ Film Contest This Weekend

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Drive opens in theaters this Friday, September 16th and to celebrate, we’re doing a weekend giveaway. Your own driving moments will be much more slick when you are the lucky winner…

15 Sep 2011 | 6 comments | More

Mandy Coon, Billy Reid, Antonio Azzuolo, Daryl K and Preen at NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

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James Murphy was one of the first working Mandy Coon’s crowd as they were seated, appearing as a proud, nervous dad-to-be while the rest of us were zenning out to his intro music, which sounded like an undulating, futuristic heartbeat, building to its apex just as the show started.

14 Sep 2011 | 3 comments | More