This is the flier for our previous S!CK party rendered with the avatars of everyone who had hit “I’m Attending” on the event page. I believe more of you came than we had expected and some people rightfully choose to avoid Facebook so some faces may be missing but I think a lot of you are here, being all sick. The first image is a very scaled down version of the full one. Find Sicko!

The next two images show some detail to this tapestry.

The image above is available for download in full resolution here, please don’t link directly to this image if you are reposting it just download it and put it up in your house. Otherwise it will make our server eat a lot of beans and I will have to breathe that gas and cut off your link.

This is the resolution up close, the entire flier image is this detailed, as a note however some of the images are used more than once. If you are interested in a beautiful high resolution poster of the full image let me know by email dmitri@sentimentalistmag.com, tweet or contact us on facebook.

See you all later at the next show!