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Clinic’s Nostalgic Sixth Sense

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Highly adaptable, the always sinister and slyly joyful Liverpool quartet have progressed into their next state of being Clinic with their sixth studio album. Bubblegum, a journey into the band’s softer pop side, may not be what fans would at first expect, but it isn’t a grand transmogrification or a simple tossing of one style for another.

5 Oct 2010 | 1 comment | More

Clinic: The Melting Pot of Their Musical Intrigue

NME lovingly refers to the surgically-styled Clinic as “the maddest bastards in Liverpool” in reviews, but we say they’re more like the Jekyll and Hydes of British indie. Their new album, Do It!, conjures everything from cinematic nightmares of burlesque disco dances in looney bins to doo-wop love-ins on the planet Mars.

24 Apr 2008 | More