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Beacon to Tour Alongside Release of Their ‘For Now’ EP, Just Released on Ghostly International

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Beacon, the Brooklyn duo who have continually surprised us in all their live performances to date and with their self-released ‘No Body’ EP last year, have just released their Ghostly International debut, ‘For Now’.

10 Oct 2012 | More

What’s Going On This Weekend? Well There’s Always a S!ck Party

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Tonight if you’re in New York you’re looking outside and saying to yourself, I don’t know how people can possibly stay awake in places like London or Seattle (the answer is: with drugs) because you just want to curl somewhere with a warm bottle of Cabernet and a blanket. But surprise, there are plenty of good things to do, click through to see some suggestions.

28 Sep 2012 | More

It’s Official, Beacon Signs to Ghostly International with ‘For Now’ EP out October 2nd

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Beacon, one of our favorite electronic duos, comprised of Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, are now with Ghostly International and they’ve got a new 5-song EP, ‘For Now’, coming out on October 2nd.

9 Aug 2012 | More

What’s Going On This Weekend? Beacon, Seals, Reading

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Beacon, Xylos and Grimace Federation at Mercury lounge
Cat Face dance party at Public Assembly Loft
The dark side with Ital, Slava, Weird Magic, Laurel Halo, Ilirjana Alushaj and Jan Woo at 285 Kent

And that is just Friday, click on for more, clicker.

2 Mar 2012 | More

Sentimentalist Magazine Calls Out Top Twelve Releases of 2011

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Why do the year-end lists always seem to come in tidy sums of ten, twenty-five, fifty, or a hundred? I would have gone and given you a baker’s dozen but I stopped myself at twelve, for fear of being overbearing. You know how overarching these lists can be.

26 Dec 2011 | More

Talking With RINSED: One Year of Raining Blood, Debauchery

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Tomorrow night sometime between 9-11PM the darkness will truly settle, the kids will scream out something blood curdling and the open bar vodka will be chugged. It will be time to get rinsed, nay, RINSED in the back room of Public Assembly with Blacky II and Dan Wender delivering all that moves you, A.Pop with the aesthetics and Professor Mims at the door and on the floor.

This is also a special occasion, it’s the one year anniversary, one year ago Blacky and Dan got together and threw their chips into the rotating roulette of nightlife building something abashedly fun, illicit, open and dangerous like Odysseus partying with the Sirens instead of keeping himself all tied up. As had happened in the past (one wonderful memory is Beacon performing an amazing live set at the party) there will be special guests, this night it will be Braille (Hotflush label), who already sound like a wonderful fit in my headphones.

We’ve had a chat with Blacky II, Dan Wender aka Carly and A.Pop about the past year, all that blood, all who bleed, 2012 and the future.

16 Dec 2011 | More

Why Don’t We Watch Some NSFW Music Videos?

The inspiration for this list comes from the latest video from Beacon for the “See Through You” track, it’s the latest master stroke from the No Body album. It’s a great starter video for the NSFW genre (Not Safe For Work for those who just plugged in their internet) but no one has a job anymore, so this is list is for the congress men and women while they decide on which freedoms should be cut first.

30 Nov 2011 | 2 comments | More

Two Throbbing Nights of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2011 This Weekend

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According to ancient lore, a race of cephalopod humanoids have been enslaved by their two-armed humanoid brethren when Atlantis dried …Read the Rest

8 Nov 2011 | More

Beacon Decapitate Pop With: No Body

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Every time I’ve been able to see Beacon play live they’ve surprised me with the variations they were able to pull off from their previous EP So Anxious. The background video of Justin Bieber doing “Hiel Bieber”, the perversions they’ve elicited from Katy Perry, the natural breathing vocals of Tom Mulaney and the endless rearrangements driven on stage by Jacob Gobsett, all have made my fickle heart warm and my ever wandering mind focused on their production and performances.

With that in mind I am thrilled about their new release “No Body”, and an intro video the group released to set stage for a thematic development in their story telling.

1 Nov 2011 | 2 comments | More

What To Do This Thursday: Good Lineup Edition

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This line up put together by Lady Bree at Public Assembly is full of good people and music they make, …Read the Rest

24 Aug 2011 | More