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Bonnaroo 2010: Friday, Nas and Marley to The Black Keys

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I was awakened Friday morning, not to the piercing sun nor the unforgiving Tennessee heat, but to flies the size of a baby’s fist. Ah yes, the life of a Bonnaroo’er. After a quick “shower” in my RV and a morning refreshment (lite beer, it’s essentially the same as water), I headed to the press tent for media orientation.

13 Jun 2010 | More

Bonnaroo 2010: The ‘Journey’ Begins

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Flashback to 1999: Arkansas’ favorite son was still in the White House, many of us were enjoying the tail end of one of the greatest economic booms in American history, boy bands were infesting the airwaves, and I was in the middle of one of NYC’s infamous Sunday night hip-hop parties at the Tunnel Nightclub.

7 Jun 2010 | More

Coachella Round-Up #1: Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Airborne Toxic Event, The Black Keys, Silversun Pickups

Wonders never cease, but I venture to say that any attendant of Coachella’s Friday night headliner showcases could have ever predicted that in a lifetime, the likes of Leonard Cohen, Morrissey and Paul McCartney, would share a bill at the annual blockbuster music fest in Indio on the same night.

19 Apr 2009 | More