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Zaza and Dead Leaf Echo Play First Night of Northside Fest, 6.16.11

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We eased into the first night of Northside Festival 2011 with two great NYC bands playing aside from the main …Read the Rest

18 Jun 2011 | 1 comment | More

Gospels US Tour Dates

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Gospels is a proper noun that stands for the band with Taras Pantchenko, Ryan Brady, Clayton Brandt (with Rick Dangerous doing the live visual tech and Brooke Manning providing some vocals).

They sound amazing and they are going on a short list of tour dates, inside are those dates.

2 May 2011 | More

Video: Light Asylum Live at Coco 66

Light Asylum played last Saturday at Coco 66 in Brooklyn, the venue was packed and over capacity by the time …Read the Rest

8 Mar 2011 | More

Northside Festival on Saturday: Liars and Fucked Up at Newtown Barge Park, Brooklyn, Parenthetical Girls at Coco 66

Liars play each show as if it’s their last and never disappoint, and if you’ve caught them live this year, you might say they’ve become a sisterhood of sorts (yes, the title of their latest album, Sisterworld, says all).

28 Jun 2010 | More