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Death Grips Go On Tour, Now You Know It

This latest Death Grips video is for “Known For It”, one of the more esoteric songs off of the Ex Military “mixtape”. This is something of a jazz-hip-punk blended concoction, it’s difficult to dance to, not a song you yell to, but both are possible with the right syncopated mind set.

Death Grips are also going on tour, hitting up Montreal, one city in Scotland that starts with the letter G, and a few dates in England

8 Sep 2011 | More

Death Grips in New York: the Secret Market Hotel Show. 7.22.11

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As the guillotine slams down in three successions, Death Grips starts off ‘Guillotine’ (Yeah) and it feels like the M train had derailed and landed right into our bodies at Market Hotel, the first movie theater in Brooklyn. After that it goes, it goes, it goes; it’s unstoppable. The three men on stage are as driven as if performing is their only chance of survival, with no safety net underneath… Read More

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In The Mix Bag: Gospels, Fostercare, Death Grips

Taras and Ryan, the principles of Gospels have a very peculiar sense of the world…
Also we listen to Fostercare and Death Grips.

9 Jul 2011 | More

Yes, We Will Post Every Death Grips Video As They Come Out

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Today’s Death Grips video is Takyon; it has a full ninja-robbery-fighting plot and a guest appearance by MOM, who must be a really hardcore person, because how else could you be around such intense energy. For the record the whole video kills it (it even has a subtitle: Death Yon). See it here first, or just see it again, no skin off my back as long as you just see/listen to it.

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Death Grips – “Guillotine It Goes Yah”

I was planning on having a nice relaxing afternoon, you know, doing cartwheels in the park, eating spaghetti pie, watching …Read the Rest

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