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This Friday: Party For Adult Themes 7” Release

Look at the pretty flier! I like this one a lot. It speaks blobs with it’s fleshy tones. It screams …Read the Rest

24 Jun 2010 | 2 comments | More

Events This Week: Style-Off and All the Other Festivals

On top of the Pop Fest this weekend also brings the Ear and Eye festival, a brand new fashion party called Style Off and a few experimental jive film events.

19 May 2010 | More

Events This Week: Ask The Questions

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This week Lebanon represents with a film festival, Tarek Atoui’s residency at the New Museum. New York represents with a Gallery Week, and ?The Real Bushwick? So many questions! Well, it is not answers that drive us forward, it is questions that we may yet to ask, so are you ready to go live some?

5 May 2010 | More

Events This Week: Fashion, Passion, Glam Tunes

For events this weekend we have a perfect blend of neon, glitz fashion and the CTRL key. Yes, CTRL+D, there will be dancing too.

30 Apr 2010 | More

Events This Weekend: a Bunch of Bloody Stuff To Go To

Events are little pillboxes from which we tweet, ROFL and roll. I sometimes wish that people tweeted less while at one, but then again, how would I know if the beer is already gone or if there is an actual fire at the back entrance? Also, I’m a hypocrite. In the coming days we have a few events that we’re excited to share with you. So share we shall .

22 Apr 2010 | More

Events This Weekend

Friday 4/16

9:00 PM

NYC’s dapper howler of the best kind o’ blues, Jon Spencer, back again with the Explosion, and shares the stage with the very dance-worthy Golden Triangle to boot, at Brooklyn Bowl.

15 Apr 2010 | More

Events This Week: The Real Holidaze

Our events included: finding our true selves and finding out that it’s OK now to reminisce and not feel angry about a guy who tried to find weapons in our bum-bums and attempt to be OK with a guy who tried to cause mass destruction. It’s spring now, let’s try to get along and see the best in each others’ red wine-stained teeth. Oh! Also there are lots of things to do…

1 Apr 2010 | More

Events To Go And Do It At

The fresh and smiling sock in this photograph would like to tell you all about some of the DIY and non-DIY events around town this week. Socks get all of the best info from the sock-wire.

Wednesday, March 24th

Bushwick Festival kicks off at Don Pedros so DIY on your own two feet and find someone to DIWY there.

8PM is the art opening

24 Mar 2010 | More

A Bookish, Arty Spring Week Starts Today

Most young people will follow their ears to find the indie acts at SXSW and later Monterrey, Mexico and then later Florida and then later somewhere else, but lo and behold, even with all of the musicians gone, New York still has just as many acts in the upcoming week. It’s like this: infinity – infinity = infinity.

You and your friends should ride the bike in the photo to all of these events. Take many photos, send us some. Onto the events then…

17 Mar 2010 | 2 comments | More

Events This Week Mah Dear

Events, they are place-times where you meet with your friends and make fun of other people who look like too much or not enough, sometimes you start a really important conversation about something and the band suddenly goes on and you have to keep your thoughts inside because your friends are now paying attention to whatever is on the stage and making eyes, so you keep it inside and actually think out the rest of the conversation as you think it should happen and what you should’ve / not done. By the time the lights go on or you exit the art party and your friend turns to ask what it is you were saying earlier (if they are nice), you feel so sublime at having everything figured out already that you just mention about a cool place to get some whiskey, hot chocolate or mojitos and all of you spend the rest of the night laughing at things you did or will do. So let’s get to it…

9 Mar 2010 | More