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What’s That Fly Video? Fostercare – “Low”

Our pal Marc Jason of Fostercare released a new video for his song “Low” and I’m very much in favor of watching this on the biggest available screen you have, if available power up a projector. The graphics are a great visualization of his fractured, multitudinous vision of the world. The music at first listen makes me execute a dance move akin to a spiraling ice-skater, except for I do it on top of a tub of actual ice cream (which I never eat because, come on psssh, then I’d tumble). Let’s watch it now.

3 Nov 2011 | More

In The Mix Bag: Gospels, Fostercare, Death Grips

Taras and Ryan, the principles of Gospels have a very peculiar sense of the world…
Also we listen to Fostercare and Death Grips.

9 Jul 2011 | More

Fostercare/Ritualz 12” Vinyl Coming Out…Soon

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Fostercare promises a 12” split vinyl EP with Ritualz to come out this summer, and based on his previous output, …Read the Rest

2 May 2011 | More

Night Out: Tearist and Fostercare, 4.06.11

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When it rains it rains, and everything gets wet. When there are two good concerts on the same night, well, …Read the Rest

8 Apr 2011 | More