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Beacon Decapitate Pop With: No Body

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Every time I’ve been able to see Beacon play live they’ve surprised me with the variations they were able to pull off from their previous EP So Anxious. The background video of Justin Bieber doing “Hiel Bieber”, the perversions they’ve elicited from Katy Perry, the natural breathing vocals of Tom Mulaney and the endless rearrangements driven on stage by Jacob Gobsett, all have made my fickle heart warm and my ever wandering mind focused on their production and performances.

With that in mind I am thrilled about their new release “No Body”, and an intro video the group released to set stage for a thematic development in their story telling.

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Von Haze, Hard Mix, Saturday, 6.11.11

Having just finished mixing their first full-length album, Travis Caine and Katherine Kin of Von Haze gave friends and fans a first listen to a few of their latest songs at Cameo Gallery on a drizzly Brooklyn Saturday night.

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Events in New York: Don’t Miss These

  • Fri 2nd Soars are having their record release party
  • Sat 3rd Nuit Blanche happens in New York
  • More
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Soars at Glasslands, Brooklyn, 8.13.10

There are few reasons to show up anywhere on time: doctor appointments, appearances before a judge, alternate side parking of your car and funerals.

The reasons to show up early are even more scarce: a hot date or a good opening band.

Last night, Friday the 13th, I had both a hot date and a chance to see Soars play live an early set at Glasslands.

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Events To Go And Do It At

The fresh and smiling sock in this photograph would like to tell you all about some of the DIY and non-DIY events around town this week. Socks get all of the best info from the sock-wire.

Wednesday, March 24th

Bushwick Festival kicks off at Don Pedros so DIY on your own two feet and find someone to DIWY there.

8PM is the art opening

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Tonight: go to your psych festival!

Todd P got tired and in his place we’ve got Lady Bree. She’s been putting on shows at Don Pedros, Coco 66, Bruar Falls and now a psych festival at Glasslands. This is a mini festival that, you would think is all about your bell bottoms and that rusty tambourine, but really it’s about bands who will get you to the sweet spot.

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London’s Gloomy Friday Party Hits NYC Shores Again Saturday, December 5

Feeling Gloomy Returns To Fontana’s in NYC, Saturday, December 5th, 2009.  As you may remember from their last outing at …Read the Rest

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Feeling Gloomy Dance Party Comes to Brooklyn, Thursday, 10.29.09

Misery loves company, so they say.  A few days before Halloween, come and dance like a Londoner, or at least …Read the Rest

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