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Goldfrapp to Release Goldfrapp Pinball iPhone App and a New Single

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Goldfrapp releases their latest intoxicating single, “Believer”, on September 7th via Mute Records, following the standout singles “Rocket” and “Alive”, from the fantastical journey that is the Head First album.

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Goldfrapp Comes “Alive” with New Single and June Tour Dates

Following Head First’s “Rocket” single is no easy task. But leave it to Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp to blend spandex, gold headbands and black-metal ghouls with a jubilant chorus for their latest visual/audio treat.

24 May 2010 | More

Goldfrapp Dives in Head First with Added Tour Dates

The duo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, known as the once-inimitable, (now, oft-imitated), Goldfrapp, will be taking their latest …Read the Rest

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Anton Newcombe on the Latest Brian Jonestown Massacre: When Everybody’s an Artist, Nobody is

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The newest Brian Jonestown Massacre album, the band’s twelfth studio release, helmed, as usual, by Anton Newcombe, is a multi-cultural, unexpected exploration of beats, genres and tempos, far from any BJM psych-folk you’ve heard before. But don’t call Who Killed Sgt Pepper? a world album, per se.

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Goldfrapp Comes Out with Head First in March

Since their first Mercury-nominated release, Felt Mountain, we’ve followed Goldfrapp’s every note, so we are head over heels to hear …Read the Rest

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Goldfrapp Plants Her ‘Seventh Tree’ in February

  Just when our poor, tired dancing feet had recovered from CMJ (and Dan Deacon, natch!), Alison Goldfrapp and her …Read the Rest

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