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Taylor Momsen: Hot, Young and Pretty Reckless

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Taylor Momsen has long blonde hair, stripper shoes with dollar bills in the heels and a low bullshit tolerance. If you read gossip blogs, you already know that much is true. What you might not know, unfortunately, is that the girl can wail.

14 Jul 2010 | 9 comments | More

The Pretty Reckless – ‘S/T EP’

When we hurl the presumptively judgmental slur of “precocious” at a young star as was the case with Dakota Fanning some years ago, is it because they are too talented for their own good? Thereby inciting a jealousy no one wants to cop to?

23 Jun 2010 | 3 comments | More

Sentimentalist Magazine’s Top Live Gigs of 2009

It’s very simple: we see many, these stuck out. Our top picks in no order are below, other than Leonard Cohen owning and deserving the very first slot.

30 Dec 2009 | More