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Interpol Turns on the ‘Lights,’ Announces New Tour Dates

Yesterday, Interpol released the bizarre video for “Lights,” the first single off of the group’s self-titled album due in September. Directed by Charlie White, and featuring beautiful women in strange masks and milky substances in what could double as a Nip/Tuck nightmare sequence…

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Interpol to Release Self-titled Album in September

Playing it typically close to the vest these days and only communicating through their recently revamped website, Interpol have let the world know in the last week that their upcoming fourth studio release will be self-titled, and available in mid-September.

7 Jun 2010 | More

Interpol Announces Club Tour

It’s “Lights” on and back to reality for Interpol this week. First the sad news of founding bassist Carlos Dengler exiting the band (“to follow another path”) came across the wires just days ago, and now the New York post-punk heroes have announced a slew of headlining dates…

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Liars: Unravelling the Fringe of a Sisterworld

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Liars have come a long way since the release of their debut full-length, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top. That 2001 album, rife with sublime, herky jerky dance beats, was recorded in a mere two days. Critics were quick to peg Liars as one among the pack of revivalists of the NYC post-punk, art/dance rock scene.

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Julian Plenti – “Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper”

Paul Banks as alter ego Julian Plenti is all afterglow and hushed 3am phone calls. Late night murmurings on the usual trappings of city life and beautiful women with grit and glam to spare. On this Skyscraper, life is beautiful, if not murky and Codeine-hazed, but a pulse exists and allows the man behind the baritone to come forward, out of the formerly self-imposed ice storm.

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Interpol: Behind the Scenes : Sentimentalist Magazine Online Exclusive

(Scott Irvine reloads his camera) We thought it would be a small thrill to take you behind the scenes for …Read the Rest

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Interpol : Sentimentalist Magazine Interview

 Here’s an excerpt from the Interpol feature that appears in Sentimentalist Magazine issue 25. For the full text, check out …Read the Rest

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