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Blonde Redhead Deepen the Glow at Webster Hall, NYC, November 3, 2010

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The stage at Webster Hall was set for a cinematic show before the band even began to play, with a backdrop of nine, opened gold umbrellas and rows of filament bulbs hanging back in the shadows. After a calm, classical intro, Kazu Makino, in a crisp white mini dress, doll-like…

5 Nov 2010 | More

Blonde Redhead : Sentimentalist Magazine Online Exclusive

Fourteen years, seven albums later, the always ambitious trio returns with their most indulgent release yet, 23. Somehow, the band …Read the Rest

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Blonde Redhead, Webster Hall, NYC 5.8.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

  Blonde Redhead’s beguiling romanticism and epic shoegazer anthems rose to new heights inside Webster Hall tonight. Songs which, on …Read the Rest

8 May 2007 | More