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Justyna Kelley Brings the Room Over the Moon this Month

It’s a cold, December night in L.A., but you wouldn’t know it inside Hotel Café, thanks in part to the sunny disposition of L.A. transplant and Nashville darling, Justyna Kelley.

12 Dec 2010 | More

Kings of Leon – ‘Come Around Sundown’

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Leave it to the all-conquering Kings of Leon to title their follow-up effort to 2008’s blockbuster Only By the Night with a command. Come Around Sundown, the Tennessee natives’ fifth studio album, is, by most accounts, triumphant. Fascinatingly self-assured, with a palpable post-punk, reverb-drenched frosting…

18 Oct 2010 | More

Bonnaroo 2010: Friday, Nas and Marley to The Black Keys

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I was awakened Friday morning, not to the piercing sun nor the unforgiving Tennessee heat, but to flies the size of a baby’s fist. Ah yes, the life of a Bonnaroo’er. After a quick “shower” in my RV and a morning refreshment (lite beer, it’s essentially the same as water), I headed to the press tent for media orientation.

13 Jun 2010 | More

Bonnaroo 2010: Be Careful What You Wish For

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The addition of Kings of Leon to the Bonnaroo lineup was met with mixed emotions at best since it was announced in February. At times the vibe of including the Nashville-based band as a headliner has even been tumultuous.

10 Jun 2010 | More

Benefit: All Hands For Haiti

What do you get when you bring a bunch of musicians and fashion designers together to make arts and crafts? …Read the Rest

14 Mar 2010 | More