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FAC. DANCE, Factory Records Compilation Release Out Now

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Let’s lose it on the dancefloor tonight. FAC. DANCE is a new double album spotlighting the early dance output of Factory Records from 1980-1987. Return to the post-Joy Division, pre-rave years of this important Manchester record label founded by Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus and designer Peter Saville. You can hear a track from A Certain Ratio now.

26 Oct 2011 | More

The Answering Machine at Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, 11.11.09

Who needs backing tracks when you have as much punch as Manchester, UK’s The Answering Machine, just wrapping up their …Read the Rest

13 Nov 2009 | More

Doves: A Kingdom Evolves

It was quite the honor to chat with Jez Williams, 1/3 of British powerhouse Doves. Having been around for almost two decades, it’s hard to believe they’re only on their fourth album, but when the boys like to record, they go to town. Another town, or village, (a converted farmhouse in Cheshire, England, to be exact) hiding away crafting a sound that has claimed and enchanted fans worldwide.

24 Apr 2009 | More

The Whip – ‘X Marks Destination’

It’s been over a year and I’m still tirelessly championing Manchester’s (current) finest export. The masses are finally clawing at The Whip, crowning this quartet as dance music’s saviour/the nouveau Happy Mondays/New Order for the young ones.

3 Mar 2009 | More