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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Morrison Edley to DJ Show with White Ring and Night Vision. 6.30.12

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Lineups don’t get much more stellar than this. Even the gents at St. Vitus referred to the gig as “all stars” when they got the posters in last night. June 30th. 11pm, a mere $10.

23 Jun 2012 | More

THEE…NESS an evening with Genesis Breyer P-orridge and Morrison Edley

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We recently met up with one our very favorite counter-culture icons, Genesis Breyer P-orridge, to glimpse her latest visual pieces, on display at the Lower East Side boutique, Salvor Projects. The party was thrown by Salvor in conjunction with Invisible Exports and (whose creatively-charged PR empress, Sarah Maurer, worked the eventually too-crowded floor with impressive ease). Besides the most beautiful woman in the world and her Psychic TV co-member and dj partner, the illustrious Morrison Edley, spinning a perfect set of industrial to psych to acid music on into the night…

30 Apr 2012 | More