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Bonnaroo 2010: Entering The Festival

Before my life revolved around music, booze, women, and business I was quite the amateur baseball player. Playing baseball came first in my life from age 6 to 16, and there wasn’t a close second. One of my fondest memories was opening day. The feeling among us players was electric, it was palpable. The smell of the freshly cut grass was a huge shot in the arm. The whole experience was a picnic of feelings and emotions.

8 Jun 2010 | More

Events This Week: The Real Holidaze

Our events included: finding our true selves and finding out that it’s OK now to reminisce and not feel angry about a guy who tried to find weapons in our bum-bums and attempt to be OK with a guy who tried to cause mass destruction. It’s spring now, let’s try to get along and see the best in each others’ red wine-stained teeth. Oh! Also there are lots of things to do…

1 Apr 2010 | More