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The Library is on Fire: From Manifesto to Magic

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Brooklyn band The Library is on Fire has been steadily gaining momentum since debuting live at Glasslands Gallery in 2008 (with the Tings Tings opening). With a sound that’s reminiscent of the early 1990s American indie/alternative rock scene, the songs are like a noisy, yet melodic whirlwind of raw guitar riffs, bass and drums…

15 Apr 2010 | More

My Device: From Cider Fests to Silent Barn and Back to the UK

It’s rare nowadays to chat to a band from the UK who does their own DIY trip to NYC, hooks up with some local bands and cultivates a mini scene for themselves. I haven’t seen so much enthusiasm and energy with a band eager to simply play in the city and feed off the vibe, only to see what happens. My Device hasn’t got any grandiose plan to take over the scene and conquer the country. Just yet.

13 Feb 2009 | 1 comment | More