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Underground Rebel Bingo Giveaway for This Saturday, April 23

Apparently, in a dark haze, the Being in charge of the apocalypse has decided to use bingo as a means …Read the Rest

20 Apr 2011 | More

CMJ Preview: Anti-CMJ Shows (All’s Fair in Love, War and Rock and Roll)

The typical metaphor for competitive interaction between a large and established, and small and nimble, entity is the battle between David and …Read the Rest

19 Oct 2010 | 3 comments | More

Fourth of July: DIY Party in Brooklyn

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July 4th, as you all immigrants ought to know, is the day this nation stood up for the right to tax itself (or a bunch of wooden toothed honchos decided to tax their minions to get some nicer caps). Using the tax monies to fund parties came shortly after. Representation? I think we’re still working on that one…

1 Jul 2010 | 1 comment | More