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Zebra Baby Play Panda Tonight

If I had to come up with an anthropomorphic, Noam Choamskiist nonsensical sentence I would be at pains to do better than the title of this post, however all of it makes sense. Zebra Baby are a band formed by Ali Ramos and Char Johnson and they are performing tonight at 9:30 at Panda, a venue located in New York at 139 Chrystie Street. See, easy stuff, Zebra Baby are celebrating the release of a new single called “Juice”. We saw them first at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and love the hell out of that, so thus we’re looking forward to more.

26 Oct 2011 | More

Show Tonight: Neon Musical Insight / Stadiums & Shrines

Tonight at Cameo, (one of the least “to be avoided” on Friday N6th St. places), and starting around 9PM, there …Read the Rest

21 Jan 2011 | More