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Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson – ‘Self-titled’

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This Norwegian band isn’t content to slip a disc into a sleeve and slap on some clever artwork. Rather, they’ve published a heavily-illustrated hardcover book, with a one page story about puzzling the detective, to go along with their recent two-disc album.

14 Sep 2011 | More

Miri – ‘Okkar’

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Miri is a captivating, mainly instrumental quartet from Iceland that explores terrains of both the experimentally bombastic and meandering melancholic…

13 Jul 2011 | More

I am Harlequin: Now Hear This

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I am Harlequin, otherwise known as Anne Freier, is a German-born, London-based singer/songwriter who’s got one of those sultry, belt-it-out voices that doesn’t quit. She writes indie pop songs on both harp and piano, often adding a spare, electro edge…

11 Jun 2011 | More

Sons of Hippies – ‘A-Morph’ and ‘Somnambulist’

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Floridian alt-rockers Sons of Hippies blend dynamic riffs, impressive vocals and prog flourishes on their appropriately-named second album, A-Morph. Singer/guitarist Katherine Kelly has one of those enviable rock voices…

9 May 2011 | More

Parasite Diet: Now Hear This

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Parasite Diet are a power pop punk duo from the future, existing in a remote zone called Paducah, Kentucky when they aren’t hopping planets and decades, so it’s not certain where they came upon oldies like The Ramones, The Undertones or Devo…

13 Dec 2010 | 2 comments | More

Coockoo – ‘Cosmoventura’

“Ne Discotheque”, an electro-rock stomper with a whip smart tempo, ranks as one of the most captivating opening tracks I’ve heard in ages by an act entirely to me, and it definitely paves the way for the surprises you’ll hear from this young Moscow band (yes, as in the vast Russian city), on their album, Cosmoventura.

30 Jun 2010 | More