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Julian Casablancas – “Phrazes for the Young”

Phrazes for the Young, the solo debut from Strokes frontman Julian Casablacas, is a busy, messy marvel. Its principle vibe, a synthy, complicated rush of blood to the head, must be what life as a cog or lever in a downtown Manhattan pinball machine sounds like.

3 Nov 2009 | More

Albert Hammond, Jr: All Aboard the Happy Rocket

The new Albert Hammond, Jr. record was almost called Cockpit Voice Recordings if you can believe it. But the curly-headed guy with the guitar worried it wouldn’t be light enough; too “serious in the wrong way,” even. He worries about these things.

8 Jul 2008 | 1 comment | More

Albert Hammond Jr’s ‘Como Te Llama’ Out July 8

Details have emerged on Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr’s sophomore album, Como Te Llama. Out July 8, the set was produced …Read the Rest

5 May 2008 | More

Albert Hammond Jr. Says ‘Como Te Llama,’ New Album Coming Soon

Albert Hammond Jr. — the only active Strokes member that we are aware of — has finished mixing his sophomore …Read the Rest

20 Mar 2008 | More

Albert Hammond Jr. Checks In from the Studio

Tonight the most snazzy and visible member of the Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr., checked in on MySpace about the progress of his second …Read the Rest

10 Dec 2007 | More

Albert Hammond Jr. Announces Second LP

 Tonight on MySpace, in commemoration of the end of his nine-month tour in support of the excellent Yours To Keep, …Read the Rest

29 Aug 2007 | More

Albert Hammond, Jr., Bowery Ballroom, NYC 04.02.07 : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 When Albert Hammond, Jr. nonchalantly walks through the front door of Bowery Ballroom an hour before his set time on …Read the Rest

2 Apr 2007 | More

Albert Hammond, Jr. : Sentimentalist Magazine Interview

Here’s an excerpt from the Albert Hammond, Jr. feature that appears in Sentimentalist Magazine issue 24. For the full text, …Read the Rest

20 Mar 2007 | More

Albert Hammond Jr. – “Yours to Keep” : Sentimentalist Magazine Review

 It’s a given that several songs (such as “In Transit,” “Everyone Gets a Star”) on Albert Hammond Jr.’s debut solo …Read the Rest

6 Mar 2007 | 2 comments | More