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Track Now: Igorrr Rising Up

“Pavor Nocturnus”, a track from Igorrr reminds me of some of the output from Venetian Snares (Szerencsétlen for example), although …Read the Rest

23 Feb 2011 | More

Track Now: Bosco Delray – Evil Lives

Bosco Delray – Evil Lives, this is an Ad-Rock remix (there was once a group called Beastie Boys, Ad-Rock was one of them, they played claviers and invited us to party to hitherto unknown boroughs). This track starts as a dance that invites evil and doesn’t stop until the evil is conquered.

More tracks and info on Bosco Delray here.

25 Jan 2011 | More

What Are These Tracks Now!?

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These are the upstanding young gents behind Mount Kimbie, pictured as they are absolutely terrifying a young fan of theirs in some sort of basement karaoke jam.

3 Nov 2010 | More