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White Gallery – Twisted Summer

White Gallery are a duo from Brooklyn, they are post punk, which I take to mean they use stripped down everything, simple bass + vocal – bullshit + some distortion pedals. I think that’s what that term means, otherwise my mind conjures up images of guys and gals who gave up on the punk dream, washed out their hair, and now spend their time in safe neighborhoods, delivering passionate speeches about what a waste of time all of those silly clothes and drugs were. Fuck those people. The ones I just imagined in some sort of straw people village to blow over. The White Gallery post punk is hardly post anything, it’s good rhythms, vocals and great video that makes me long for weather that’s good in a leather jacket as I’m a poser who does not wear a leather jacket in the summer.

14 Aug 2012 | More

A Place to Bury Strangers “So Far Away”

This video by Secretly Jag for “So Far Away”, the single from A Place to Bury Strangers is a blooming hipstamatic flower. The washed out stop motion action follows the band on tour in a far away land (Europe) with beautiful faeries and mead, and strange architecture (one thing was leaning as if it’s about to fall over!). Oliver (Ackermann), the front man in a Romanian Taxi driver outfit (the moustache) made me confuse him for Eugene Hütz, which is exactly the kind of insight you came here to get from me.

27 Jan 2012 | More

Grieves – ‘Boogie Man’ Video Release

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We’re not so sure that the spooky references aren’t a nod to adult pill-fueled hallucinations, but the chill nature of this Grieves tune belies the eerie, unsettling “little devils”…

20 Sep 2011 | More