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Zebra Baby Play Panda Tonight

If I had to come up with an anthropomorphic, Noam Choamskiist nonsensical sentence I would be at pains to do better than the title of this post, however all of it makes sense. Zebra Baby are a band formed by Ali Ramos and Char Johnson and they are performing tonight at 9:30 at Panda, a venue located in New York at 139 Chrystie Street. See, easy stuff, Zebra Baby are celebrating the release of a new single called “Juice”. We saw them first at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and love the hell out of that, so thus we’re looking forward to more.

26 Oct 2011 | More

Zebra Baby – Williamsburg Fashion Weekend – 59Fifty

This is our first video post from Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and I don’t even feel like opining about it, Zebra Baby, it was perfect. In case you moved to New York from somewhere else meeting one of these girls should be your only goal, retaining their attention with your asinine dilemmas is not likely but, who knows, maybe something else will, just be interesting so they can write a lyric or a few off of you.

18 Sep 2011 | 5 comments | More